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You can use this website to buy hire your InfraRed heater in the UK. If you are after a UK Infrared Heater, then this website is for you.
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Infrared quartz halogen heat represents a first class solution to many leisure, office and industrial heating problems. Infra red heats objects by light, much like sun light, therefore the air is not heated, so the radiant energy is very economical such as open areas, high bays, garages, workshops, entrances, and exists especially in areas where drafts can disperse heat. Space heaters or forced air heaters also supplied
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Output: 3 Kw
Available in 110V & 240V

110V: 2 x 1KW halogen bulbs
240V: 2 x 1.5KW halogen bulbs
110V fitted with 32 amp fuse plug
240V fitted with 13 amp fuse plug
Fully portable with 2 lockable wheels & Built in handle
Heavy duty construction
Safety tip over cut-out switch
2.5m power cable
Power: 2KW
Voltage: 110V ~ 50 Hz
Big Rad

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+ £35.00 vat


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Red Rad Low Level

Mobile with tilting head.
Targeted at ceilings, floors and walls for effective drying or curing.

Output: 3 KW
(110v add £25).

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+ £49.80 vat

 298.80 (incl)

Del £19.00 + vat

Shop soiled: £200
(Limited stock)

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Infrared bulbs

Spare Big Red Rad lamp and bulb elements replacements. Big Rad Rad replacement bulb elements for Redrad low level 240 volt and 110volt, red-rad mobile lamps and redrad office bulbs. Also the Big Rad bulbs elements.



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InfraRed Heater UK is a site to help you find an InfraRed Heater UK portable space heater. Infra red heaters can help your paint. so if you're looking for paint curing to help your paint drying in the UK

About infra heaters, radiant infra-red heat is produced by hot objects, an example being the sun which heats the earth's surface through the vacuum of space. Electric radiant infrared heaters use an electric current to heat an element. They are similar to incandescent electric light bulbs, although are designed to produce infra-red heat, rather than visible light. As thermal infrared heat radiation is not absorbed by air, infrared heaters can efficiently warm people or objects in exposed and draughty locations, or infrequently occupied buildings with high ceilings such as village halls etc, without incurring high 'heat-up' energy costs. Fast response means that infra red heaters can be switched on or off to match heat requirements and they can be deployed to provide different levels of infrared heating for different zones within a larger area. Quartz heaters offer the highest radiant efficiency. Infrared ceramic heaters operate at lower temperatures and, unlike quartz, produce no visible light but have lower infrared radiant efficiencies and take minutes rather than seconds to heat up and cool down. Traditional glass and metal element heaters are suitable for commercial applications. Typical comfort heating levels for infra-red heating are of the order of 100 to 200 W/m².

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InfraRed Heater UK is operated by Icecape Ltd trading as RacKettering, who are long established commercial refrigeration engineers.

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Our Complete Range of InfraRed / Space Heaters is here

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